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Forex Dictionary

Term Equivalent terms Definition
Hard Currency A freely convertible currency issued by a politically and economically stable country that investors have confidence in because they see it as not depreciating in value in the foreseeable future. Examples of hard currencies include the US Dollar or the Euro or the Japanese yen.
Head and Shoulders In technical analysis, it is a price pattern of three peaks, the middle one (head) higher than the bracketing two forming what looks to be a head with two shoulders on each side. Bullish points can be taken along the neckline, but if the currency falls below the neckline at the third peak, it is considered a sell signal (bearish reversal).
Hedge Reducing risk associated with adverse market movements by using two counterbalancing investments, thereby minimizing any losses caused by price fluctuations. For example, if one has an open long position in EURUSD of 10,000 units, one can offset this position by shorting an equal amount of EURUSD. Hedging reduces risk but it is also reduces potential profit.
Hedge Fund Managed Fund A private fund resembling a mutual fund but usually open to the very wealthy and able to employ a number of different strategies, such as long-short strategies or high frequency strategies. Managers are rewarded in two ways, as a percentage of asset under management (ex: 2% management fee), and a percentage of profit of the fund (20% performance fee).
High / Low Refers to the time period’s traded high and low price.
Hit the bid Selling at the bid price.
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