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Forex Dictionary

Term Equivalent terms Definition
Take Profit Order Order type whereby an open position is closed at a specific price (above the market for a long, below for a short) in order to lock in a profit.
Technical Analysis Determining trends and analyzing market action through chart study, volume, trends, moving averages, patterns, formations and many other technical indicators. Compare fundamental analysis.
Technical Correction A temporary decline (rise) in a currency price after a series of extremely high gains (low declines). When a currency is considered overbought or oversold, the price has become unsustainably high or low and a technical correction brings it back to a more realistic level.
Technical Indicators These are indicators such as moving average, MACD, momentum, chart formations, support and resistance lines, all of which aim to reveal short term trends that technical analysts use to predict future price movements.
Technical Trader An investor who uses technical analysis. See also: Technical Analysis.
TED Spread Indicates the difference between the US Treasury bill rate and LIBOR, used by some traders to measure trader anxiety or credit quality.
Thai Baht THB The Thai Baht (THB) is the official currency of Thailand.
The City Located within greater London, UK, The City is one of the largest concentrations of financial and business institutions in the world, and is the largest currency trading center.
Thin Market See Narrow Market.
Tick Minimum price move, either up or down. Also known as a pip.
Ticker Shows current and/or recent history of a currency either in the format of a graph or table.
Trade Date The date on which a position is opened.
Trade Deficit When a country imports more than it exports. A trade deficit represents an outflow of domestic currency to foreign markets. Economists will try to argue that it is not necessary a bad thing, but when it is chronic, it can represent long term depreciation of the home currency.
Trade Surplus When a country exports more than it imports. A trade surplus represents an inflow of foreign currency, which can lead to long term strengthening of the home currency.
Trading Buying or selling of goods and services among countries, and in FX, it is the trading of foreign currency pairs.
Trading Platforms A software application used for trading forex, usually over the Internet.
Trailing Stop Loss Designed to limit potential losses on an open order, the trailing stop automatically adjusts the exit price closer to the market price when the market moves in your favor.
Transaction Buying or selling a currency pair.
Transaction Cost The cost of buying or selling a financial instrument (commission + spread). Transaction Date - The date on which a trade opens or closes.
Treasury Bills US government short-term obligations with 13-, 26-, and 52-week maturities.
Treasury Bonds US government long-term obligations with 15-year or more maturities.
Treasury Notes US government medium-term obligations with 2- to 10-year maturities.
Trend The general direction of the market, whether up or down or sideways, the period of which may be short term or long term. Trends are important in technical analysis, as most indicators are used to identity an early trend or its reversal.
Trend lines Project from historical points on the graph that are considered significant (multiple swing highs or swing lows), the direction of the trend lines shows whether the market is advancing or declining, and when these lines are broken, the beginning of a new trend is indicated.
Two-Way Price / Two Way Quotation A price that includes both the bid and offer price.
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