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Forex Dictionary

Term Equivalent terms Definition
Valuation The process of determining the value of an asset or company.
Value Date Maturity Date The settlement date for a currency contract, usually two business days. For USD/CAD it is one business day.
Variation Margin Funds a broker must request from the client to have the required margin deposited. The term usually refers to additional funds that must be deposited as a result of unfavorable price movements.
Virtual Balance This is the real-time balance on an account taking open trades in profit (or loss) and cash balance into consideration.
Volatility Vol Measure of how much the price of a currency changes over time. The standard deviation of a price series is commonly used to measure price volatility.
Volume Represents the total amount of trading activity in a particular stock, commodity or index for that day. It is the total number of contracts traded during the day.
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