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AxiTrader Demo Trading Contest

Registration Closed
Start: Sun, 21 Jan 2018
End: Wed, 28 Feb 2018
Contestants: 0
Type: Demo
Prize: $5,000 Total
- 10 Winners

AxiTrader UK

AxiTrader UK is a registered business name of AxiCorp Limited. AxiCorp Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom (FCA Reference 509746).

We are a wholly owned subsidiary of AxiCorp Financial Services Pty Ltd, an Australian company founded and operated by individuals who have been at the forefront of margin foreign exchange trading since it was first introduced.

The AxiTrader Principal Contest Rules

  1. Please note that CashBackForex's statistical calculation system only supports the following tradable instruments:
    (AUDCAD.pro, AUDCHF.pro, AUDJPY.pro, AUDNZD.pro, AUDUSD.pro, CADCHF.pro, CADJPY.pro, CHFJPY.pro, EURAUD.pro, EURCAD.pro, EURCHF.pro, EURCZK.pro, EURGBP.pro, EURHUF.pro, EURJPY.pro, EURNOK.pro, EURNZD.pro, EURSEK.pro, EURTRY.pro, EURUSD.pro, GBPAUD.pro, GBPCAD.pro, GBPCHF.pro, GBPJPY.pro, GBPNZD.pro, GBPUSD.pro, NZDCAD.pro, NZDCHF.pro, NZDJPY.pro, NZDUSD.pro, USDCAD.pro, USDCHF.pro, USDCZK.pro, USDHKD.pro, USDHUF.pro, USDJPY.pro, USDMXN.pro, USDNOK.pro, USDSEK.pro, USDTRY.pro, USDZAR.pro, XAGUSD.pro, XAUUSD.pro)


    Also, your account will be disqualified at contest end as we cannot correctly calculate equity on other symbols and therefore the drawdown calculation will be affected and incorrect.

  2. Winning Criteria: Maximum Equity % Return. The competitors with the highest Equity Gain at the end of the contest win.

  3. Participants who meet or exceed 40% equity drawdown will be disqualified (marked DQ on Rankings Page). Drawdown is calculated based on peak to valley equity, thus new account highs will impact drawdown tolerance.
    Click here for help (Understanding Drawdown).

  4. Leverage on all accounts will be set to 1:100 for the duration of the contest with margin calls set at 80% and stop outs set at 20%.

  5. A minimum of 10 trades to be opened during the contest. Concurrent trades (multiple trades paced within 1 minute on the same product) will only be counted as 1 trade. These trades must be roughly comparable in size and in the % they contribute to profit gained.

  6. Your opening simulated balance is $10,000 USD on a Professional demo account.

    Note 1:

    All participants are eligible to receive 20 commission free trades should they open a New Live Professional Account up to 100 lots in total. The Commission free period will expire at 10pm on the 30th of March 2018. .

  7. One entry per Individual, per Household/Residence and per IP address. Opening multiple user profiles to compete in the contest is not permitted. You may trade from various IP addresses; however, if multiple accounts are traded from the same IP address, those accounts will be disqualified. We track and enforce this very strictly utilizing multiple tracking methods. We regret that only ONE person per residence can participate, ensuring that people do not use many different contest accounts.

  8. Contest Ineligibility: Residents from the following countries are regrettably ineligible to claim winning prizes: Afghanistan; Angola; Antigua; Barbuda Bolivia; Botswana; Burma (Myanmar); Cambodia; Canada; Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast); Cuba; Democratic Republic of Congo; Former Liberian Regime of Charles Taylor; Gambia; Ghana; Guinea Bissau; Guinea Conakry; Iran; Iraq; Israel; Japan; Kyrgyzstan; Lesotho; Liberia; Libya; Mali; Namibia; Niger; Nigeria; North Korea; Senegal; Sierra Leone; Syria; Togo; Yemen; Zimbabwe; Tanzania; USA.

    *In the event that a resident from one of the ineligible countries wins, the prize will be transferred to the next (eligible) contestant with the highest ending balance.

    **To assist with contest Administration at both ends, please ensure you enter your country in the Locations section of your profile via the Edit Profile option.

Contest Cheating - At the end of this contest, and potentially during the contest, winners are moderated against all possible forms of cheating, including entering multiple accounts. Participants who do not abide by the rules are subject to disqualification at any time, which may not occur until the contest has ended.

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