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28 Nov 2016 6:19 AM
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29 Nov 2016 10:07 AM
Technical analysis of the currency pair GBP/USD on 29/11/2016. The daily chart

General analysis.

Despite total rush of all basic quotes British Pound continues to trade in a narrow range and slowly but surely continues to strengthen its position against the US dollar.

Last week closed with a parity for GBP/USD currency pair and now there is the consolidation of the price near to the level 1.2450. 

The nearest support level is located at 1.2340. Price has been repulsed from this level several times over the last two weeks and now again approaching to it.

The RSI is in the neutral zone and does not provide any essential signals.
The MACD shows movement above the zero line and continues to rise, confirming the presence of the upward trend on the chart.

Next few days 

In the next few days we expect the resumption of growth in the currency pair GBP/USD with testing of the resistance level 1.2650.

We recommend to open long at the beginning of the upward movement from 1.2650 level and upon receipt of confirmation of rebound.

Order stop-loss exhibited by 20-30 points below the support level of 1.2340.

30 Nov 2016 9:00 AM
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Edited:30 Nov 2016 9:01 AM
01 Dec 2016 9:21 AM
Technical analysis of the currency pair EUR / CHF on 01/12/2016. The daily chart

General analysis
Yesterday's trading day for the currency pair EUR / CHF showed unusually big volatility intro day and by the end of the day closed with a parity at the level of 1.0774. 
First, the initiative on the market went Bulls and the price began to rise rapidly reaching its peak level at 1.0815. Therefore resistance level 1.0800 has been broken. 
However, the price was unable be fixed above this level since after the opening of the US session, the market turned around and the price began to decline.

Following the results of the day closed at the same level at which started its move this morning 1.0774.

Next few days
Testing the resistance level 1.0800 with a further decline tells us it is the weakness of the uptrend and the fact that it is possible from this price will resume its movement in the medium-term downtrend.
We recommend to close all previously open long position of EUR / CHF and to consider the possibility of selling after a decline below 1.0750.
The target point for the profit for selling below 1.0750 will be levels 1.0705 and 1.0690.

02 Dec 2016 4:18 AM
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05 Dec 2016 6:00 AM

SuperForex Partnership Program

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06 Dec 2016 8:22 AM
Technical analysis of the currency pair EUR/USD on 06/12/2016. The daily chart

General analysis.
At yesterday's trading session the currency pair EUR / USD was able to go beyond the range of the frame in which it was moving from the middle of November 2016 by breaking its upper boundary. The price has tested resistance level 1.0800. 

Considering local increases of the prices if the ECB at its meeting confirms the continuation of the course on the super soft monetary policy

Stochastic indicator shows us a clear Buy but the signal line is already included in the overbought zone.

Next few days 

After a sharp ups and downs on Monday the pair may correct down to 1.0650.
We expect a rebound from the resistance of 1.0800 with the further back to 1.0650.

Long opening must be confirmed by receiving of the receipt of the rebound from the resistance level. 

For the first position, it is necessary use no more than 1-2% of the deposit.

The range of possible movement down about 150 points, so traders will be able to open additional positions for sale.

07 Dec 2016 4:13 AM
The more lots you trade - the more bonuses you earn!

To reward our most dedicated customers we developed the SuperForex Loyalty Program - a system which allows you to accumulate points and trade them for prizes.
The loyalty program is open to all customers who create real accounts with us. Upon registration all members automatically enter the contest and start collecting points for rewards.
You can find more information and look for prizes via this link.

Edited:07 Dec 2016 4:14 AM
08 Dec 2016 8:14 AM
Technical analysis of the currency pair EUR/GBP on 08/12/2016. The daily chart

General analysis.
On Wednesday 08/12/16 currency EUR / GBP pair has closed higher by almost 70 points and now the price is located at the level of 0.8516.

Price has not been able to go below 0.8370 support by forming a rebound from this level.

A few months ago the price has already been successfully beat off from support level 0.8370 which has given rise to the medium-term uptrend. After obtaining several signals from other tools and indicators we can confidently can expect the beginning of growth now also. 

Stochastic indicator is in the neutral zone but shows a clear upward trend.

Yesterday's daily candle with a large white body indicates the strength of buyers and likely confirm the formation of the bottom at the level of 0.8370.

Next few days
Total long-term trend for the EUR / GBP pair is still upward and now in the chart formed a favorable situation for opening long. 

The nearest resistance level for the prices serves mark 0.8700 near which we recommend placing orders for take profit. 
After the price breaks the level of 0.8700 the next upside target will be the 0.8850.

Edited:08 Dec 2016 8:15 AM
09 Dec 2016 7:06 AM
SuperForex Economic Calendar
Every experienced trader would agree that without accurate data, your hands are tied. Many of history’s most successful deals were defined by perfect timing, but we all know keeping track of all of the events in the global economy is difficult and time consuming.
Well, it doesn’t have to be! SuperForex offers a free Economic Calendar - a special resource that tracks all important events and announcements for you.
You can access it on our website 

Edited:09 Dec 2016 7:07 AM
12 Dec 2016 6:09 AM
SuperForex is happy to announce the launching of its newest service - the No Spread account!

This new version of a live trading account is open to both new and existing customers. Using the No Spread account, unlike the standard one, gives you the unique advantage to trade without paying any spreads on the deals you open, regardless of the trading instruments used.

Have you ever wondered why often you’re already losing money immediately after opening a new position? This is because a spread fee has been charged to your account due to the difference between bid and ask prices. The No Spread account would allow you to avoid that.

You can find more info here

13 Dec 2016 7:38 AM
Technical analysis of the currency pair AUD/USD on 13/12/2016. The daily chart

General analysis
Currency pair AUD/USD continued to move sideways last week by forming the maximum on Friday – 0.7495. However, last trading week closed with a black candlestick with a big body and it is contrary to growth opportunities.

The first trading day of the current week was held under the auspices of the bulls and now we can see a return to growth and the approximation of prices to the local maximum at 0.7686.

The graph of Stochastic indicator tells us about the presence of the upward trend but the price has already approached close to overbought level so opening of transactions now will be quite a risky occupation.

Next few days
This currency pair is already moving sideways for a long time. Current price channel is 0.7700-0.7300 and at the moment there is every reason to expect the test the upper boundary of the channel at 0.7700.  However, given the resistance level at 0.7550 there is the probability forming of the peak and further decreases to the bottom of the channel 0.7330.

After overcoming of local maximum at 0.7505 we can consider to open a long deals with target points by 0.7640.

14 Dec 2016 9:25 AM
Get additional income for each lot you trade with us!

We at  SuperForex company have prepared a unique offer for all active traders. Now you can receive income for each  lot you trade with us, regardless of the bidding outcome.
How does it work?
For each lot you trade with us, as well as by activation of a scratch card, you will receive bonus points to your account. As you gain 200 bonus points, you will be able to change them for real $15.
How to receive your money?

  • Terms and conditions of bonus and  it's withdrawal are very simple:
  • Your account leverage should be no more than 1: 200.
  • The number of bonus points must be a multiple of 200.
  • You can withdraw your funds according to the formula 1 $ - 1 lot
  • Minimum amount for withdrawal  is $5

You can find more info via this link https://my.superforex.com/point-exchange-bonus

15 Dec 2016 11:09 AM
Technical analysis of the currency pair USD / CHF on 15/12/2016. The daily chart

General analysis
On results of yesterday meeting of the Federal Reserve System, it was decided to tighten monetary policy
and increased the interest rate by 25 basis points to 0.75%. This decision instantly had its impact on the market and on the US dollar as well. 
Yesterday's trading day closed with a total increase for 85 points by breaking local maximum price fluctuations in recent times - 1.0182.
Federal Reserve decision as well as rumors of further rate increase in 2017 pushed the dollar to rise.

Next few days.
We recommend to play long on the currency pair USD / CHF with a target point of profit-taking on the 1.0235 и 1.0320.
Up trend is still preserved as the top of the upward trend has still not been formed.
There is a possibility of short-term correction but after the results of the latest news from the Americas region general direction for the currency pair USD / CHF is growth.

20 Dec 2016 12:02 PM
Technical analysis of the currency pair EUR / CHF on 20/12/2016. The daily chart

General analysis
On Monday 19/12/16 currency pair EUR / CHF continued its decline by forming big dark candle with a decrease by 50 points. Also, according to the results of yesterday's session the support level 1.0700.
 has been broken. Price was able to pass this mark and consolidate below the support level.

We are not expected major news from the Eurozone today so that the news background will be unusually quiet.

The graph of Stochastic indicator shows the convergence of the signal lines in the overbought zone.

Next few days

Break of the support level 1.0700 and fixing prices below indicates potential sales for EUR / CHF.
However, given the propensity of this currency pair to form false breakouts and the mixed signals from the indicator we can conclude that the opening of sale should be made only after receiving confirmation of the breakdown and fixing of the price below support at least with two candles.

The immediate goal to capture profits on sales below 1.0700 will be the level 1.0630.

Edited:20 Dec 2016 12:03 PM
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