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Forums > Commercial Zone > Commercial Forum > Why you should trade in stable market
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02 Jan 2018 9:12 AM

    Many novice traders often ask this question, on which market they should trade? The Forex market can become volatile and when it does, there are chances that you will lose your money. We have seen a lot of people who were trading wonderfully in Forex. They were making consistent profits, had a good time and when they started trading in Forex volatile market, they begin to lose their money.

    In this article, we will answer if trading in a stable market is the situation to the volatile market. It is normal for us to think that when we are trading in a volatile market, the chances of risks are higher which should be lower in a stable market. Are they really so? This is what we are going to find out in this article.

    False spike

    At times the novice traders often post comments in the Forex social trading network that the market is manipulated. Do you really think that this market is manipulated? If so then you are still in the line of novice traders. You need to understand the fact that during the high impact news releases the market nature is to create a false spike. You will hardly find any professional traders losing money in this industry due to false spike. They all know about the scheduled news release and even they are also aware the novice traders in the Forex social trading network not trade at certain times. So being new to this industry you should find some professional trading network so that you don’t have to face such situations.

    Learn from your mistakes

    Being new to this industry it's very normal that you will make mistakes. But at times the novice traders find it really hard to sort out their trading problems. In such situations, the Forex social trading network can help you greatly. Just seek help from the senior traders and they will help you out with a simple solution.

    In Forex, there are risks in every trade

    If you are coming back from trading because this market is volatile, you cannot the success and become the professional trader in Forex. You should keep in mind that when you are trading in Forex, there are risks. The volatile market may involve higher risks but there is no market without risks. Even if you are trading in a minor market, you will find there are risks in Forex.

    Volatility is what gives you the chance to make money

    When a lot of people think they can make more money in a stable market, we cannot contain our laughter. This is now how you think the traders make money in Forex. Imagine when you are placing your trades in Forex, you are risking your money for profit. The market is not completely stable and there is volatility. This volatility is how the traders in Forex make their profit and live their lives. If the market was completely stable and have no risks, the situation would be like you are opening your trades at the price you are closing your trades. This is wrong as there is also broker’s spread. When you place any trade, it does not start with a profit but with a loss. In a volatile market, it is possible to overcome your broker’s spread and make money. If this market is not volatile but stable, traders will have a hard time to make the profit by overcoming the fee of the brokers.

    Volatility can also be in your profit

    If you are a good trader, you will see that you can also trade the market with volatility. You can place your trades and when the prices are changing, you will make your profit. A lot of traders trade with volatility to increase their profit. You do not have to wait a long time and can have your profit.

    24 Jan 2018 5:24 PM
    The forex market is volatile but you can make money even in forex trading contest that brokers propose to start earning money. They usually do it with demo accounts and they give you cash prizes that you can use to invest in the forex
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    Edited:24 Jan 2018 5:25 PM
    01 Feb 2018 4:50 PM
    You will not earn much on a passive market, as there is no the volatility. That's why I try to pick up the moments of the market medium volatility.
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