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Forex Dictionary

Term Equivalent terms Definition
Warrants A certificate, usually issued along with a bond or preferred stock, giving the holder to buy a specific number of securities at a specific price, which is usually above the current market. They are like call options but with longer time spans, sometimes years, and they are offered by corporations, while call options are not issued by firms.
Weak Dollar/ Strong Dollar The dollar is said to be weak (relative to a previous time period) against another currency when more dollars are required to buy one unit of another currency. The dollar is strong or has gained in strength when fewer dollars are required to buy one unit of another currency. For example, if $1 buys 1.2 Euros in 2000 but today $1 buys only 0.73 Euros then the dollar has weakened against the euro.
Whipsaw A change in currency price followed by another change in the opposite direction. For instance, EURUSD rises 50 pips from 1.3100 to 1.3150, then falls 50 pips to 1.3100 and then rises 75 pips to 1.3175. Whipsaws present risks for short term trend traders who end up buying and selling at the worst possible time and getting stopped out.
Wholesale The sale of services, goods, or commodities in large quantities to individual clients.
Wire Transfer Electronic transfer of funds from one bank to another.
Withholding Tax Income tax withheld from employees' wages or salary and paid directly to the government tax agency by the employer, thus reducing the possibility that the employee will spend his/her tax liability.
Working Day When the banks in the country of origin for a particular currency are open for business, which for currency pairs becomes compounded because both banks must be open.
World Trade Organization WTO A global organization of countries that trade with one another and set rules by which trading is conducted.
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