Brokers with Zero Deposit, and Under $10, in 2024

Forex brokers with no minimum deposit, and under $10, comparison table. Check out our recommended brokers in 2024, sorted by overall rating. Compare the pricing rating to see how industry experts rate each broker's spreads and overall cost of trading.

Why choose a broker with no minimum deposit?

There could several reasons why investors might look for a broker with no minimum deposit or with a low minimum deposit under $10. The main reasons could be resumed to four:

  • Traders might want to test the broker spreads and pricing,

  • Investors would like to test the broker trading platforms,

  • Novice traders can learn about the forex market without risking more than they can afford,

  • Traders might want to follow the markets, or use a broker’s trading tools. Several top brokers provide a range of guides, tutorials, trading strategies and tools to registered users.

Whatever the reason, opening an account operated by a broker with 0 minimum deposit can only be beneficial to the trader. After all, with no deposit, there are also 0 risks. The only inconvenience is, with 0 account balance investors cannot trade.

Can I start trading with $1?

Yes, it’s possible to start trading with as little as $1, on a Cent account. It might seem too little, but on a Cent account, $1 represents 100 US cents, or, the equivalent to 100 USD on a normal account. A Cent account uses 100x denominated monetary units of the base currency. Add a leverage ratio of 100:1 to a Cent account and the “trading power” will be 200 US cents.

The margin required to open the minimum lot accepted (0.10 lot) of EUR/USD, for example, on a Cent account is 10 cents on an account with 1000:1 leverage. This ratio allows the trader plenty of room (and equity) to keep a position open long-term, even if suffering a loss. And good news, Cent account trading conditions are equal to those for standard accounts.

Can I open a forex account with $10?

Yes, several online brokers offer forex accounts with a low minimum deposit of $10. Investors can open a forex trading account with $10, add some leverage to it and trade the markets. As $10 is such a low account balance, the ideal will be to add a comfortable leverage ratio of 100:1, for example.

With a 100:1 leverage, the initial $10 will be “transformed” into $100 buying power. This will enable investors to open the minimum lot accepted (0.01) of an FX pair with a 10% margin (in this case $10) and still have plenty of margin left, in case things go south initially.

Find the best online broker for your capital requirements

Use our forex brokers with no minimum deposit list to find out how verified traders rate each broker for pricing and trading conditions. Check out each broker's overall rating, pricing rating and the maximum leverage available.

Compare the available funding methods for each broker, including e-wallets, such as Skrill, PayPal and Neteller, and available trading platforms. Find out which brokers have Cent accounts (ideal for novice traders). Compare the execution model operated by each broker and the available trading instruments (cryptocurrencies, forex pairs, indices, stocks, etc.).

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