Key Takeaways

  • Zero fees on deposits and first monthly withdrawal.
  • 3,000+ trading instruments, including cryptos.
  • Attractive promotions, 100% first deposit bonus.
  • Competitive pricing, leverage up to 1000:1.

We start our FXCentrum review with a quick analysis of the overall ratings given by our industry experts of this offshore-based CFDs broker.

FXCentrum Overall rating

Ranked 138 out of 1761 (Forex Brokers)
Overall rating is derived from an aggregate of ratings in multiple categories.
Rating Weight
Pricing rating
Real customer rating
Not rated
Not rated
Customer Support
Not rated

FXCentrum pricing: the broker scores 4.8 out of 5 for the competitive pricing of its trading accounts. The starting spread for the EUR/USD, for example, is 0.2 pip, with an average of 0.6 pip and no trading commissions. This pricing (0.6 pip for the EUR/USD) competes directly with the high-street brokers that charge 0.8 pip for the same pair (average 0.2 pip plus a commission of $6 per lot).

FXCentrum regulations: scoring 2 out of 5, as the broker is only regulated by a tier-4 financial authority, the Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA). Positively, by being regulated by the SC FSA, FXCentrum can cater for traders looking for higher leverage limits. Negatively, this financial regulator lacks adequate retail client protection mechanisms.

FXCentrum popularity: scores 3 out of 5, but some of FXCentrum's unique features have the potential to increase its popularity with the trading community. And one of its unique features is its pricing with zero trading commissions, the ideal choice for investors looking to trade the markets only with the bid/ask prices.

FXCentrum user rating: currently, FXCentrum receives a neutral score, as we still don’t have any user feedback from verified traders with a real trading account.

FXCentrum Regulation / Money Protection

Company Licenses & Regulations Segregated Client Money Deposit Compensation Scheme Negative Balance Protection Rebates Max. Leverage Retail Clients
WTG Ltd 1000 : 1

FXCentrum Seychelles regulation: WTG Ltd is incorporated in Seychelles with a registered Office 5B, HIS Building, Providence, Mahe, Seychelles. This entity is regulated by the Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA) with a Securities Dealer licence.

Client Money Protection

FXCentrum complies with the highest safety standards regarding clients' funds, by offering segregated accounts. FXCentrum client’s funds are kept fully segregated from the company's funds, in top-tier international banks.

Regulatory Deposit Insurance

The WTG Ltd entity is not a member of an Investor Compensation Fund, as a deposit compensation scheme it is not a requirement by the Seychelles FSA for authorised securities dealers’ firms. In the unlikely event that WTG Ltd is unable to pay claims against it, or the firm becomes insolvent, clients might not be entitled to compensation.

Negative Balance Protection

Accounts opened with the WTG Ltd entity are protected by a default NBP mechanism. With the NBP safety mechanism, FXCentrum customers are protected from losses bigger than their original investments.

FXCentrum Cashback rebates

Cash back rebates are paid per round turn lot unless otherwise specified. 1 Lot = 100,000 base currency units traded.
  Standard ZERO Retention Special ZERO
Forex$2.00 Per Lot
Oil / Energies$2.00 Per Lot
Metals$2.00 Per Lot
Soft commodities (coffee,sugar...)$2.00 Per Lot
Cryptocurrencies$2.00 Per Lot
Payment Options
Monthly Cash Back
Payments are credited and sent automatically by the 12th day of the month for trades where cashback has been accumulated between the first and the last day of the previous month.
  Standard ZERO
Forex $2.00 Per Lot
Oil / Energies $2.00 Per Lot
Metals $2.00 Per Lot
Soft commodities (coffee,sugar...) $2.00 Per Lot
Cryptocurrencies $2.00 Per Lot
Payment Options
Monthly Cash Back
Payments are credited and sent automatically by the 12th day of the month for trades where cashback has been accumulated between the first and the last day of the previous month.
  Retention Special ZERO
Forex $2.00 Per Lot
Oil / Energies $2.00 Per Lot
Metals $2.00 Per Lot
Soft commodities (coffee,sugar...) $2.00 Per Lot
Cryptocurrencies $2.00 Per Lot
Payment Options
Monthly Cash Back
Payments are credited and sent automatically by the 12th day of the month for trades where cashback has been accumulated between the first and the last day of the previous month.

What are FXCentrum rebates?

FXCentrum rebates are a portion of the transaction cost that is paid back to the client on each trade, resulting in a lower spread and improved win ratio. For example, if your rebate is 1 pip and the spread is 3 pips, then your net spread is only 2 pips.

Many traders initially believe there must be higher costs elsewhere to compensate, however they soon find there is no catch and Forex rebates truly reduce the costs of the transaction and improve their bottom line.

How do FXCentrum rebates work?

When you link a new or existing forex trading account to us the broker pays us part of their spread or commission profit for every trade you make as compensation for referring a customer to them. We then share the majority of our revenue with you, paying you a cash rebate for each trade you make as thank you for signing up with us.

Unlike some of our competitors your spreads will never increase as a result of using our service! The only difference is: as our client you earn extra cash per trade, making trading through us more profitable than opening direct with the broker. Founded in 2007, we are the original and leading provider of forex rebates. We pay rebates to over 100,000 accounts and traders love our helpful 24 hour live chat, telephone and email support.

How much FXCentrum rebates can I earn?

Use our forex rebate calculator to estimate your FXCentrum rebate earnings:

You must enter a valid number

Are FXCentrum rebates a scam; do my spreads increase?

FXCentrum rebates paid by legitimate rebate providers are not a scam, however scams do exist. The most common scam is a rebate provider that marks up the spread or commission in order to pay a higher rebate than competitors. Many brokers do allow a referring party, or rebate provider, to markup costs to traders they refer. Obviously this defeats the purpose of the service provided by the rebate provider and thus jeopardizes the viability of the rebate provider’s reputation and business, so a reliable provider wouldn’t consider this. Besides this, certain rebate providers may not pay on time, or not at all. This is why it’s important to choose a reliable provider.

When working with a trustworthy rebate provider, there is no ‘catch’. It is more beneficial to a trader’s financial position to work with a rebate provider than solely with the forex broker.

Are there any other benefits to signing up for FXCentrum rebates?

It depends on the rebate provider. Due to our unique relationship with many brokers, we have often mediated between brokers and clients in order to help successfully resolve client issues, including clients who are having withdrawal issues. Brokers are often very fast to respond to us, since we typically have many clients with them. Our knowledgeable support team is available 24 hours per day in 8 native languages & 23 total languages for any questions. We also offer trading tools, calculators, reviews and a robust forex education section.

How are forex rebates paid?

Because we deal with so many traders in so many different countries and serve 23 languages we have to cover a wide array of options. Here’s what we offer:

Forex rebate options vary per broker:

Monthly cash back Payments are credited and sent automatically by the 12 of the month following the month rebates are earned in.
Spread or commission reduction The trader actually receives reduced commissions and/or spreads. This is an exciting option offered by some of our top brokers.
Paid direct to brokerage account Cashback is credited directly to the trader’s brokerage account, typically between 1-7 days after the trade is closed. This is another exciting options offered by some of our top brokers.

In the case of the ‘Monthly cash back’ rebate option, monthly payments can be paid via bank wire, Paypal, Skrill, Sticpay, China Unionpay, and Neteller. Some payment methods such as bank wire carries fees and often traders set a custom minimum payment amount in order to accumulate rebates and withdraw their rebates less often than monthly.

FXCentrum Web traffic

Organic monthly visits 55,500 (100%)
Organic traffic rank 442 out of 1761 (Forex Brokers)
Paid monthly visits 0 (0%)
Total monthly visits 55,500
Bounce rate 82%
Pages per visit 1.44
Average visit duration 00:05:37

FXCentrum Profile

Company Name WTG Ltd
Categories Forex Brokers, Cryptocurrency Brokers, Forex Rebates, Cryptocurrency Rebates
Primary Category Forex Brokers
Year Founded 2019
Headquarters Seychelles
Office Locations Seychelles
Account Currency EUR, USD
Support Languages English, Russian, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Czech
Funding Methods AstroPay, Bank Wire, Credit/Debit Card, Perfect Money, ZotaPay
Financial Instruments Forex, Shares, Indices, Oil/Energies, Cryptocurrencies, Metals, ETFs, Soft Commodities (coffee, sugar...)
24 hour support
Islamic Accounts
Accepts Canadian clients
Accepts Japanese Clients
Non expiring demo
Trading API
Cent accounts
Negative balance protection
Social trading
Regulatory deposit insurance
Trailing stops
Fixed spread
Variable spread
FXCentrum is a CFDs broker with a global presence and steadily expanding its product offering. As a retail broker, FXCentrum adopts the best practices regarding client funds' safety. FXCentrum is committed to providing industry-leading trading services and building lasting and trusting relationships with clients.

FXCentrum was created by people with many years of experience and founded on listening to what are the basic and special clients' needs, to trade comfortably, easily, and profitably. FXCentrum adheres strictly to good work ethics and employees are well trained by the Customer Service Ethics Guidelines. The broker cares about its reputation, assuming full responsibility for its offers. This ensures that FXCentrum's high standards are not in jeopardy.

Trading can be done via the MT5 trading platforms and FXCentrum’s proprietary platform, the FXC Trader. Traders can also find free educational materials on the broker’s website, trade FX pairs, spot metals, indices, energy and a vast range of stocks CFDs (2,500+ with the FXC Trader platform).

FXCentrum’s clients can benefit from tight spreads and fast execution times, merged with competitive pricing with no trading commissions, and also 0 fees for deposits/withdrawals.

FXCentrum Asset classes

FXCentrum proposes an excellent selection of 2,500+ CFDs, providing traders with access to multi-asset trading. All FXCentrum’s trading platforms (FCX Trader and MT5) are available for desktops and mobile devices running on iOS and Android.

Currencies: 50+ pairs, including Minor and Exotic crosses.

Cryptocurrencies: 5 cryptocurrencies CFDs versus the USD, on the MT5 platform and 25 CFDs on the FXC Trader platform.

Commodities: 18 commodities CFDs, divided into 7 metals (Silver and Gold included), 3 energies (UK Oil, US Oil and Nat Gas) and 7 soft commodities including Sugar, Cotton and Cocoa.

Indices: 13 CFDs including the most liquid indices, such as AU200, ITA40, UK100, HK50 and NIKKEI225.

Stocks: 400+ CFDs on the MT5 platform from the top companies and banks, and 2,500+ CFDs on the FXC Trader platform.

FXCentrum Account types

  Standard ZERO Retention Special ZERO
Maximum leverage1000:1
Mobile PlatformMT5 Mobile, Proprietary
Trading PlatformMT5, Proprietary
Spread TypeVariable Spread
Minimum Deposit101000
Minimum Trade Size0.1
Trailing Stops
Scalping Allowed
Hedging Allowed
Islamic Accounts
  Standard ZERO
Maximum leverage 1000:1
Trading platform MT5Proprietary
Mobile platform MT5 MobileProprietary
Spread type Variable Spread
Minimum deposit 10
Minimum Trade Size 0.1
Trailing Stops
Scalping Allowed
Hedging Allowed
Islamic Accounts
  Retention Special ZERO
Maximum leverage 1000:1
Trading platform MT5Proprietary
Mobile platform MT5 MobileProprietary
Spread type Variable Spread
Minimum deposit 1000
Minimum Trade Size 0.1
Trailing Stops
Scalping Allowed
Hedging Allowed
Islamic Accounts

FXCentrum offers up to three trading accounts, packed with both the FXC Trader and MT5 trading platforms (the range of available assets may vary). FXCentrum proposes its starting account, the Standard account, with spreads from 0.3 pip, no trading commissions, and a minimum deposit of just $10.

FXCentrum rewards investors for depositing more, with better pricing. The Retention Special account requires an initial minimum deposit of $ 1,000 but is offered with lower spreads, from 0.2 pip, and also no trading commissions. But the best of the Retention Special account is a dedicated, expert, account manager, always ready to help the trader.

Investors opening a Micro account will be required to fund the account with an initial deposit of $10 and will benefit from the typical pricing of a Cent account, with spreads starting at 2.0 pip, and with 0 trading commissions.

Within FXCentrum's range of accounts it is also worth mentioning the other account features offered by the broker:

Swap-free accounts for traders of Islamic belief are also available with FXCentrum.

Social trading, including copy trading, is currently not offered for investors and signal providers.

PAMM accounts and MAM accounts (Multi-Account Manager) are also currently unavailable for money managers.

FXCentrum leverage ratios are up to 1000:1 for accounts opened with the Seychelles FSA regulated entity.

FXCentrum Demo account

FXCentrum demo account gives users the chance to test the broker's pricing and execution on several asset classes, without risking any real money.

The demo account expires after 90 days

Virtual funds: up to $100,000

Leverage: up to 1000:1

Financial instruments: forex, crypto, indices, stocks and commodities

Register for free and test your trading strategies, open a FXCentrum demo trading account with no risk and no obligation now.

FXCentrum Pricing

Account/Pricing Standard FXC Standard MT5 Retention Special FXC Retention Special MT5 Micro MT5
EUR/USD spread from 0.3 pip from 0.3 pip from 0.2 pip from 0.2 pip from 2.0 pip
EUR/USD commission 1 lot $0
EUR/USD swap rate 1 lot (03-06-2022)
  • Long: 20 points
  • Short: 20 points

Spreads and trading commissions

For our FXCentrum price comparison table, we use the EUR/USD pair as the benchmark, for its popularity with traders and because it is also the most traded FX pair.

FXCentrum Standard account spreads start at 0.3 pip (variable), and trading is commission-free.

FXCentrum Retention Special account spreads start at 0.2 pip (also variable), and also here, trading is commission-free.

FXCentrum Micro account spreads start at 2.0 pip (also variable), and again, trading is commission-free.

FXCentrum’s range of trading accounts and its competitive pricing structure can represent the ideal solution for investors looking to trade with only the bid/ask prices, without added trading commissions.

Rollover rates

FXCentrum swap rates, as of 01-06-2022, for 1 lot EUR/USD (100,000 units) are 20 points for holding a long 1 lot position overnight and 20 points for holding a short 1 lot position.

The 3-day swap rate is charged by FXCentrum on Wednesdays at midnight server time (GMT+3).

FXCentrum Deposits / Withdrawals

FXCentrum proposes its trading accounts, Standard, Retention Special and Micro, in just a couple of base currencies. The broker provides multiple funding methods, including deposits by bank wire, credit/debit cards and the most popular e-wallets:

Account currencies: USD, EUR.

Standard account minimum deposit: 10 USD, 10 EUR.

Retention Special account minimum deposit: 1,000 USD, 1,000 EUR.

Micro account minimum deposit
: 10 USD, 10 EUR.

Funding methods: Bank Transfer, Visa/MasterCard, Crypto, AstroPay, Perfect Money, Ozow, Korapay, Zotapay, Scardu.

Deposit fees: FXCentrum does not charge fees for deposits.

Deposit processing times: variable, from instant to 4 hours (bank wires 2 to 5 working days).

Withdrawal fees: FXCentrum does not charge fees for the first monthly withdrawal. The second withdrawal in one month is charged with 10 USD and the third withdrawal in one month, and any further withdrawals in one month, are charged with a 2,50% commission.

Withdrawal processing times: variable, from instant to 1 day (bank wires 2 to 5 working days).

Inactivity fee: FXCentrum does not charge an inactivity fee.

For more information, please visit the FXCentrum FAQs web page > Deposits & Withdrawals, or log in to your FXCentrum Client Zone.

FXCentrum Popularity

FXCentrum, as a regulated and licensed broker, operates at the highest level of transparency, employing the latest security protocols to ensure maximum protection for client funds and a smooth trading experience. With this approach FXCentrum's popularity is steadily growing with the retail trading community, and also for its other features:

Client safety mechanisms: segregated client money, negative balance protection offered by default.

Competitive pricing: variable spreads from 0.2 pip on the Retention Special accounts, no trading commissions and no fees on deposits/withdrawals.

Execution model: STP/ECN.

Trading education: webinars by market experts, a blog with articles, FXCentrum market insights, and trading signals.

Customer support languages: Azerbaijani, Czech, English, Russian, Thai, Turkish, and Ukrainian.

Overall, the curated range of trading instruments available for trading, the competitive pricing of the Retention Special accounts with low spreads and 0 commissions, the fast STP/ECN execution times, merged with the attractive zero-fees on deposits/withdrawals policy, position FXCentrum on the top 15 brokers for popularity with traders opening a trading account in 2022.

FXCentrum Promotions

FXCentrum FAQs

Is FXCentrum a regulated retail forex broker?

Yes, FXCentrum is a regulated forex broker. The broker is authorised and supervised by the Seychelles FSA with a securities dealer licence.

What is FXCentrum's minimum deposit?

FXCentrum's minimum deposit varies, depending on the account chosen. The Standard and Micro accounts are 10 USD. The Retention Special account minimum deposit is 1,000 USD.

What is FXCentrum's maximum forex leverage?

FXCentrum's maximum forex leverage ratio for accounts opened with Seychelles’ FSA regulated entity is up to 1000:1.

Can I earn rebates with FXCentrum?

Yes, traders can earn rebates from trading with FXCentrum. Please check the cashback rebates section.

What funding methods are accepted by FXCentrum?

FXCentrum accepts account deposits with bank wires, Visa/MasterCard, QR, Crypto, AstroPay, Perfect Money, Ozow, Korapay, Zotapay, and Scardu.

What account currencies are available with FXCentrum?

FXCentrum offers trading accounts in EUR and USD only.

What trading platforms are available with FXCentrum?

Investors can trade the markets via the FXC Trader and MT5 platforms. Asset classes may vary depending on the chosen platform.

Does FXCentrum offer Cent accounts?

Yes, FXCentrum offers Cent (Micro) accounts.

Does FXCentrum have negative balance protection?

Yes, FXCentrum has negative balance protection for traders opening an account with the WTG Ltd regulated entity.

Does FXCentrum have regulatory deposit insurance?

No, WTG Ltd (trading as FXCentrum) is not a member of any Investor Compensation Fund, as it is not a requirement by the Seychelles Financial Services Authority for authorised brokerage services.

Does FXCentrum have swap-free accounts for traders of Islamic belief?

Yes, FXCentrum has swap-free accounts for traders of the Islamic religion. Terms and conditions apply.

Does FXCentrum accept applications from residents in Japan?

Yes, FXCentrum accepts applications from residents in Japan.

Does FXCentrum accept applications from residents in Canada?

Yes, FXCentrum accepts applications from residents in Canada.

Does FXCentrum allow scalping trading?

No, FXCentrum does not allow scalping trading or scalping strategies.

What is the FXCentrum's execution model?

FXCentrum’s execution model is STP (Straight-Trough Processing).

Does FXCentrum have mobile trading platforms?

Yes, FXCentrum serves clients with the FXC Trader and MT5 platforms available for mobile devices running on iOS and Android.

Does FXCentrum have a trading API?

No, FXCentrum does not provide a trading API.

Does FXCentrum pay interest on margin?

No, FXCentrum does not pay any interest on margin.

What type of spreads are FXCentrum's spreads?

FXCentrum’s spreads are variable (from 0.2 pip) – fixed spread accounts are currently not offered.

FXCentrum Real customer rating


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Risk Warning: CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Bearing this in mind, you should not invest more than you can afford to lose.

Regional Restrictions: WTG Ltd. does not offer its services to the residents of certain jurisdictions such as the USA, Afghanistan, Cuba, Crimea, Israel, Sudan, North Korea, Iraq, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Syria, Vanuatu, Yemen, Ethiopia, Iran, Bosna and Herzegovina. We reserve the right to not accept clients, or ask for additional documents for activating FXCentrum trading accounts of clients from the EU, Russian Federation, and also Albania, Barbados, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Cayman Islands, Ghana, Haiti, Jamaica, Jordan, Mali, Malta, Morocco, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Panama, Philippines, Senegal, South Sudan, Turkey, Uganda and United Arab Emirates due to The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) list of high-risk countries.