Best Islamic and Swap-Free Forex Brokers in 2024

Forex brokers with swap-free accounts for Islamic traders, comparison table. Check out the recommended brokers in 2024, sorted by overall rating (the sum of regulations, pricing and user ratings). Compare the user rating to see how verified traders with a live account rate each broker for its trading conditions.

Why trade with swap-free brokers?

Forex CFDs, regardless of the broker providing them, have one common characteristic. At the end of the trading session, at 11.59 pm server time, open positions will incur a rollover fee, as currency pairs are subject to interest rates. This is due to the nature of the market, with trades being settled two business days after opening.

The rollover fee, also known as a swap, can be a credit or a debit – most times, and most instruments suffer a debit. Other than that, several brokers apply a 3-day swap, either on Wednesday, or Friday. The 3-day swap fee is to cover the cost of keeping the position open at the weekend.

In the case of traders of Islamic belief, and according to the Sharia Law ethical standards, individuals are forbidden from paying and receiving interest, partly to avoid usuary.

Thus, to comply with the Sharia Law (trade gold for gold, wheat for wheat), the option is a swap-free account, without interest on currency exchange.

What is swap-free in forex?

Swap-free in forex is an option to trade currencies without incurring interest fees on positions left open at the end of the trading session.

A rollover charge in forex occurs when traders are holding an open position overnight. The trading account will either be credited or debited, depending on the trade direction and the traded pair.

We have a great article about this subject, What is Swap in Forex, including the formula to calculate swaps and even 3 ways to avoid paying swaps (for traders that are not of Islamic belief).

What are swap-free trading accounts?

Swap-free accounts in forex are trading accounts not subject to rollover fees. These accounts are directed, mainly, at traders of Islamic belief, in compliance with the guidelines of the Sharia Law.

Some online brokers also offer swap-free accounts to all traders. One such case is LegacyFX (present on our list) which offers accounts with no swaps on long-term positions, for all traders, regardless of religious faith. Another good thing about LegacyFX swap-free accounts is that there are no hidden commissions or fees, providing the ideal conditions for long-term trading and investments.

For more info, please visit LegacyFX’s swap-free account web page. 

Find the best swap-free broker for your trading strategy

Use our free Islamic forex brokers list to compare several brokers and find out how verified traders rate each broker for its trading conditions. Check out each broker's overall rating, the minimum initial deposit and the available funding methods.

Compare the available trading platforms of each broker (the popular MT4, MT5, standalone WebTrader and cTrader) and which brokers offer regulatory deposit insurance. Find out the brokers offering Cent accounts (ideal for novice traders or testing strategies with EAs), and allow scalping, the available asset classes (cryptocurrencies, forex pairs, indices, stocks, etc.), and the customer services supported languages.

Reputable Islamic forex brokers with swap-free accounts to help you succeed in your online trading career.