Best 13 crypto exchanges with an NFT marketplace in 2024

Vector by Gustavo Pires Bertaco on Pixabay
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NTFs (Non-fungible tokens) give investors, and traders, the ownership of unique artwork, in the form of paintings and drawings, videos, music, and other online collectables. NFTs are created on blockchains, the technology underlying cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin.

What are Non-fungible tokens (NFTs)?

NFTs are digital assets, generally unique, or at least part of a very limited series, and have unique identifying codes. An NFT is also a form of art in different subjects, such as music, paintings, in-game items and videos.

NFTs can be sold and bought online, frequently with cryptocurrencies, and they are, generally, encoded with the same underlying software (blockchain) as many cryptos, the most common being the Ethereum blockchain.

Although this form of art has been around for a while, it’s only recently that NFTs gained notoriety and have become an increasingly popular way to buy and sell digital artwork.

According to the 2021 NFT Market Report, released by blockchain data company Chainalysis, users sent over $44.2 billion worth of cryptocurrency to ERC-721 and ERC-1155 contracts, the two types of Ethereum smart contracts associated with NFT marketplaces and collections.

Check out our list to see the 13 most popular and well-rated crypto exchanges with an NFT marketplace, where you can buy and sell these digital assets.