Free and unbranded economic calendar widget, embeddable and mobile-responsive, always updated and displaying the latest live market events. The ideal solution to enrich the contents of finance websites and blogs!

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Economic Calendar Widget Features

  • Fully customizable: set the CSS style to match your website or blog.
  • Fully translated into 24 languages: set it to load on browser language, page language or a static language.
  • Fully mobile responsive: the widget auto-sizes on mobile screens.
  • Fully compatible with internet browsers: fast updates and loading speeds, optimized for Chrome, Firefox, etc.
  • Live market data: all the events, from low impact to high impact, and reports, are displayed in real-time with the previous, forecast and actual results, time of the event and time left to the event.
  • 100% free and unbranded: nothing to pay, no logos, use it as your creation.

How to edit the economic calendar widget?

Language: The economic calendar widget is coded to load quickly in a few selected languages; from Arabic to Vietnamese. Select the desired browser language to display the widget or the page language for the economic calendar; the widget is fully translated into 24 languages and compatible with all internet browsers, including Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, etc.

Default Timeframe: The economic calendar widget uses live data to display the market events that can affect the volatility of all currency pairs of all the world economies. Three timeframes are presented, today, 7 days and week. You can choose to display the daily events (sorted by impact, currency and country), or the events for the next 7 sessions or the weekly timeframe, displaying all the events of the trading week.

TIP You can set the economic calendar widget to load faster on your website. To do that, click the "Filter" button, located on the top-right corner of the widget. Set the widget to load only the daily high impact events (the red face), only for the major forex pairs like the EUR, GBP, USD, AUD, CAD and JPY and then select the same countries.

You can check your progress and see how the economic calendar widget will look like on the right of the widget creator menu. When you are happy with the settings, simply copy/paste the economic calendar widget embed code to your website, or finance blog, to display the widget with live data.