To compete on our trading contests, you do not need to register a live account with the broker sponsoring the contest. Instead, to participate, you will need only to sign up for a free account with us, CBFX, and add a prefered payment method (so if you win, we can pay you the cash prize). Registration is 100% free.

What is my password, why can't I see it?

After registering for a contest, the login details will be displayed, but the account password will be hidden until the contest begins. This is to prevent trading the account prior to the contest’s start time. After the contest start, you can easily retrieve the account password:

  1. Make sure you are logged in with your CBFX account
  2. Navigate to the contest page, and click the "My login credentials" link

A popup will display the account number, account password and broker server.

trading contest login details, including password

How does equity drawdown work?

For our contests, the drawdown is calculated on equity peaks to equity valleys. In other words, our systems record the maximum amount of equity your account reached at any given point, and calculates drawdown as a percentage of that peak. Once you reach a new peak, the previous value is deleted and the new peak is used to calculate your drawdown.

Example: Starting balance is $1000. A trade is opened and hits $200 in profit but isn't closed and returns back to 0 profit. The equity high is $1200 and the equity low is $1000. The drawdown is 16.6% (200/1200 or size of loss divided by equity high).

If the contest rules are 20% max drawdown, once you exceed 20% drawdown you will be disqualfied from winning that contest.

equity drawdown

What are the excluded trades?

Each contest is unique and has its own set of rules, including the maximum number of trades calculated for the performance and ranking. This measure is in place to guarantee that all traders have the same, fair, possibilities and to limit the use of EAs.

The Excluded trades on the performance (rankings) page, are the winning trades open/closed for less than 1 minute (losing trades will still be included) and pending orders not filed. For example, a trader sets a sell limit XAUUSD or a buy stop US30 and 1 hour later deletes it without being filled.

These trades will be excluded from the total number of trades used for the performance (rankings) calculations.

If I win a cash prize, how will I get paid?

When a contest ends, we will confirm the rankings and check each winning account to make sure there was no cheating. Please allow up to 3 business days for us to confirm the results as final, which will be indicated on the contest page. Winners will also be notified via email at that time.

If you win a cash prize, the prize will be credited to your CBFX account. Please make sure to login on your CBFX Dashboard, select and confirm a payment method.

We will then process the payment of the cash prize to you via the one of the, currently, available methods: PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, SticPay, China Union Pay, or, cryptocurrencies - currently, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether.

add a deposit method to your CBFX account