Minimum winning trade duration: 1 minutes

Winning trades open for less than 1 minutes will be excluded from your performance calculation. Losing trades will still be included.

Maximum trades counts: 60

Only your first 60 eligible trades will be included in your performance calculation.

20.00% maximum equity drawdown

Accounts with greater than 20.00% peak to valley equity drawdown are disqualified.

Allowed symbols

Only trades on the following symbols are included in your performance, all others are excluded.


The rules are put in place to ensure the contest is fair to everyone by preventing common cheating strategies such as taking advantage of latencies in the demo feed. Multiple entries per person are prohibited and enforced via SMS verification and IP address tracking. 1 entry per mobile phone and 2 entries per IP address (for different participants in the same location) are allowed.

The phone number used to verify via SMS must actually work; you must be able to receive a call there in case we need to verify.

We will disqualify anyone for what we view as unfair conduct: in general any trading activity that would not win in a real-world scenario. For example, opening multiple accounts and trading similar but opposing positions as an individual or group.


  • For an explanation of how the equity drawdown rule worksclick here 
  • If you have trouble finding your contest passwordclick here
  • For an explanation of excluded tradesclick here
  • To find out how to claim a cash prize, click here
  • Contest winners are those with the highest profit based on equity at the end of the contest. Open positions will be auto-closed and marked to market based on the contest end time.
  • Starting balance: $1,000
  • Max leverage: 100:1
  • Trading server: ICMarketsSC-Demo01
  • Asset class: XAUUSD ONLY - trades on other symbols (EUR/USD, US30, BTC/USD, etc), will not count toward your performance.
  • EA trading: trading with EAs is NOT allowed. EAs trading will be disabled automatically.
  • Hyperactive accounts sending more than 8000 messages daily to the trader server will be automatically deleted.

Cash prizes

The prize fund of $1000.00 will be distributed among the winners in the following way: