Best Brokers with High Leverage in 2024

Brokers with high leverage list, full comparison table. Recommended brokers in 2024, sorted by regulatory ratings. Compare the user ratings to see how other traders rate a broker for its trading conditions and services.

When choosing a broker with high leverage, new traders especially, generally look for the highest ratios. Several online brokers do offer high leverage ratios, sometimes up to 1000:1. But it's important to remember that higher leverage, means higher risk. Most professional traders use a very low leverage ratio, such as 5:1, or no leverage at all.

But for traders with low capital, leverage represents a good opportunity to trade bigger positions. Not only that but also access to markets that require higher margin levels, like the BTC/USD. To help traders when looking for a high leverage broker, we recommend always considering a key feature: NBP.

Many high leverage brokers offer Negative Balance Protection (NBP) by default, a mechanism that can protect novice traders, in case of extreme market volatility. This means that if a trader is over-leveraged and a high-impact event, or news release, happens, the trader cannot lose more than the account equity or funds deposited.

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Use our brokers with high leverage list to find out the ones with the strongest retail investor protection mechanisms in place. Check the user ratings to discover how other traders rate each broker for their products and services. Compare each broker's minimum account deposit and the maximum available leverage (depending on the jurisdiction).

Confirm the available funding methods of each broker (including the most popular e-wallets) and the accepted account currencies. Compare which trading platforms are available (including the popular MT4, MT 5, and the advanced cTrader). Discover the execution model of each broker (ECN, NDD, MM), and the financial instruments available for trading (including FX, indices, and cryptocurrencies).

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