Forex Broker with Lowest Fixed Spread in 2024

Forex brokers with the lowest fixed spread comparison table. Check out our 10 recommended brokers in 2024, sorted by overall rating. Compare the user rating to see how other traders rate each broker's pricing and trading conditions.

Why trade forex with fixed spreads?

Several investors prefer to trade with forex brokers with fixed spreads. The main reason is the assumption that a fixed spread enables better trading planning - and the key is always finding the lowest fixed spread possible.

Traders choose a fixed spread broker to be always sure of what they can expect to pay when executing a trade. And this is the ideal scenario for scalpers. As scalping a market involves executing several trades, taking small profits throughout the day, the spread will impact the profits. Thus, scalpers will be better served using fixed spreads.

Unfortunately, the pricing of brokers with fixed spreads is not the lowest, when compared to brokers offering floating spreads. While we can find ECN brokers with an average 0.2 pip spread for the EUR/USD pair, the same cannot be said with a fixed spread broker. Commonly, the average spread for the EUR/USD with fixed spread brokers is 1.6 pip.

But please bear in mind that fixed spreads are usually offered by brokers operating a market maker (MM) model of business. On the other hand, brokers offering variable (floating) spreads, usually operate a non-dealing desk (NDD) model of business.

With the MM model, the fixed spread broker buys off large positions from its LPs and offers these positions in smaller portions to investors, normally, via a dealing desk. Thus, the MM broker acts as the counterparty to the trade. By operating a dealing desk the broker can offer fixed spreads to clients because they can control the spread offered on the trades using the dealing desk.

Find the best broker for your trading strategy

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