Key Takeaways

  • 1,000+ instruments available for trading, with competitive pricing.
  • Regulated in Australia and South Africa.
  • Maximum leverage ratio of up to 500:1 (subject to jurisdiction).
  • Deposits and withdrawals with zero commission.

We start our VT Markets review with a brief analysis of the overall ratings for this Australian-based CFDs broker, given by our in-house experts in 4 categories:

VT Markets امتیاز کلی

امتیاز 19 از 1128 (کارگزاران فارکس)
رتبه کلی بر اساس مجموع رتبه‌ها در چندین گروه محاسبه می‌شود.
رتبه وزن
رتبه‌بندی کاربر 3
رتبه قیمت‌گذاری
رتبه‌بندی نشده
پشتیبانی مشتریان
رتبه‌بندی نشده

VT Markets pricing: the broker currently scores 4.6 out of 5 for its overall cost of trading. The Standard STP account spreads start at 1.2 pip, with no trading commissions. The RAW ECN account spreads, for FX pairs, start at 0.0 pip with a trading commission of $6 per round lot traded. Also weighing to our pricing rating is the always welcomed 0 fees for deposits/withdrawals, including the possibility of depositing with a couple of selected cryptos (BTC and USDT).

VT Markets regulations: scoring an excellent 4 out of 5, VT Markets is a safe broker regarding funds safety and retail client protection. VT Markets has 2 entities regulated by top-tier financial authorities (AU ASIC and ZA FSCA), providing retail clients with several safety mechanisms, including NBP. The broker has also an entity registered in Saint Vincent & The Grenadines, offering higher leverage limits (up to 500:1 for FX trading).

VT Markets popularity: established in 2015, VT Markets enjoys good popularity within the trading community and currently scores 4.3 out of 5. One of the key features for its popularity ranking is its RAW ECN account, with spreads from 0.0 pip merged with fast executions. Other popular features include the in-house-developed VT Markets app (allowing full control of the account and trading on the go) and the VTrader social platform (availability depends on jurisdiction).

VT Markets user rating: the broker receives a neutral score, as, currently, we don’t have any user reviews and feedback from verified traders holding a real trading account with VT Markets.

VT Markets نمایه

نام شرکت VT Markets LLC
گروه‌ها کارگزاران فارکس, Forex Rebates
گروه اصلی کارگزاران فارکس
سال تأسیس 2015
دفتر مرکزی استرالیا
محل دفاتر امارات متحده عربی, استرالیا, چین, قبرس, جزایر کیمن, مالزی, سنگاپور, تایلند, تایوان, ویتنام, آفریقای جنوبی
ارز حساب AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, USD
زبان‌های تحت پشتیبانی چینی ها, انگلیسی, فرانسوی, آلمانی, ایتالیایی, ژاپنی, کره ای, مالایا, پرتغالی, اسپانیایی, تایلندی, ترکی, ویتنامی, باهاسا (اندونزی)
روش‌های تأمین وجه Bank Wire, Bitcoin, China Union Pay, Credit Card, FasaPay, Neteller, Skrill, Tether (USDT)
ابزارهای مالی فارکس, سهام / حقوق صاحبان سهام, شاخص‌ها, اوراق قرضه, نفت / انرژی‌ها, فلزات, ETFs, کالاهای نرم (قهوه، شکر...)
پشتیبانی 24 ساعته
حساب‌های اسلامی
مشریان کانادایی مورد پذیرش است
مشریان ژاپنی مورد پذیرش است
معامله API
حساب‌های سنتی
محافظت از تتمه حساب منفی
تجارت اجتماعی
توقف‌های دنباله‌دار
پرداخت‌های اضافی
سود در حاشیه
اسپرد ثابت
اسپرد متغیر
Established in 2015, VT Markets is an FX and derivatives broker offering traders access to multiple markets including ETFs, Bonds, forex, indices, shares and commodities. Proposing over 1,000+ CFDs available for trading, VT Markets provides traders with transparent pricing and low-latency executions, ultimately, giving traders a smooth trading experience.

VT Markets' mission is to build a next-generation trading experience with a superior trading environment for every trader across the globe. VT Markets is more than a platform, it is a place to capture market opportunities and achieve success.

Trading with VT Markets can be done through the “classic” MetaTrader 4 and next-gen MetaTrader 5 platforms, and also via the VT Markets, on a variety of popular financial instruments.

VT Markets Asset classes

VT Markets features an excellent range of over 1,000 CFDs (subject to the contracting entity), providing traders with reliable access to multi-asset trading. Both VT Markets’ trading platforms (MT4/MT5) are available for desktop computers, as a stand-alone Web Trader and for mobile devices. The VT Markets app is available only for mobile devices.

Currencies: 40+ pairs, including Minor and Exotic crosses.

Cryptocurrencies: several cryptocurrencies CFDs including ADA/USD, ALG/USD, ATM/USD, AVA/USD, AXS/USD, BAT/USD.

Commodities: 7 spot commodities CFDs of which 3 metals (Gold, Silver and Copper) and 4 energies (Oil, Gas, Gasoil and Gasoline). Also offered for trading 5 soft commodities, including Coffee and Cotton.

Indices: 15 CFDs of the most popular indices, including the SPI200, NAS100, DJ30, SP500, CHINA50, US2000 and DAX40.

Stocks: 800+ shares CFDs from US, UK; EU and HK stock exchanges of worldwide top companies and banks, including AA, AAPL, TSLA, SPOT, KO, CAN, and more. Please note that stock CFDs availability may vary depending on the trading platform.

ETFs: - 50+ CFDs, including ARKK, BITQ, DBA, IYW and more. Please note, the maximum leverage for ETF trading is capped at 33:1.

Bonds: 8 government bonds CFDs offered for trading, including US 10 Yr note, Euribor, and Euro bund.

Futures: a few CFDs on major exchanges, including China50, DAX40, DJ30, FTSE100, HK50 and NAS100.

VT Markets انواع حساب‌ها

  Standard STP Raw ECN
حداکثر اهرم مالی500:1
پلتفرم تلفن همراهMT4 Mobile, MT5 Mobile
بستر های نرم افزاری تجارتMT4, MT5, WebTrader
نوع اسپردVariable Spread
حداقل واریز100
حداقل حجم معامله0/01
حدهای ضرر متحرک
حداکثر سودبری مجاز
هجینگ مجاز
حساب‌های اسلامی
  Standard STP
حداکثر اهرم مالی 500:1
پلت فرم معاملاتی MT4MT5WebTrader
پلتفرم تلفن همراه MT4 MobileMT5 Mobile
نوع اسپرد Variable Spread
حداقل واریز 100
حداقل حجم معامله 0/01
حدهای ضرر متحرک
حداکثر سودبری مجاز
هجینگ مجاز
حساب‌های اسلامی
  Raw ECN
حداکثر اهرم مالی 500:1
پلت فرم معاملاتی MT4MT5WebTrader
پلتفرم تلفن همراه MT4 MobileMT5 Mobile
نوع اسپرد Variable Spread
حداقل واریز 100
حداقل حجم معامله 0/01
حدهای ضرر متحرک
حداکثر سودبری مجاز
هجینگ مجاز
حساب‌های اسلامی

VT Markets proposes only two trading accounts: Standard STP and RAW ECN, both with variable spreads and low initial deposits. The VT Markets Standard STP account is commission-free and could represent the ideal solution for traders looking to trade only with the bid/ask prices.

The VT Markets RAW ECN account is recommended for traders looking for more competitive pricing, with forex spreads from 0.0 pips and an industry-average commission of $6 per round lot. Within the VT Markets range of accounts traders can also find:

Swap-free accounts for traders of Islamic belief are also supported by VT Markets.

Social trading, including copy trading, is offered via the VTrader social platform (availability subject to jurisdiction).

PAMM and MAM accounts (Multi-Account Manager) are also available for money managers. Please contact VT Markets for more details.

VT Markets leverage ratios are up to 500:1 for accounts opened with SVGA-registered and ZA FSCA -regulated entities. For accounts opened with Australia’s regulated entity is 30:1.

VT Markets Demo account

VT Markets demo account gives users the chance to test the broker's pricing and execution on several asset classes, without risking any real money.

The demo account expires after 90 days

Virtual funds: up to $100,000

Max leverage: up to 500:1

Asset classes (subject to platform): forex, indices, stocks, bonds, commodities and crypto CFDs

Register for free and test your trading strategies, open a VT Markets demo trading account with no risk and no obligation now.

VT Markets Pricing

Account/Pricing Standard STP RAW ECN
EUR/USD Spread from 1.2 pip from 0.0 pip
EUR/USD 1 lot commission $0 $6
EUR/USD 1 lot swap rate (24-01-2023)
  • Long: -1.04
  • Short: +0.33

Spreads and trading commissions

For our VT Markets price comparison table, we use the pricing for the popular EUR/USD pair as the benchmark. The reason is simple, every broker wants to be competitive on the most traded FX pair.

VT Markets Standard STP account spread starts at 1.2 pip, trading is commission-free and the account can be opened with a minimum deposit of $100. The Standard STP account is offered with both MT4 and MT5 and with leverage ratios up to 500:1 – subject to the contracting entity.

The RAW ECN account spread starts at 0.0 pip, and following an ECN pricing modelling, there’s a trading commission of $3 per lot, per side ($6 per round lot). The VT Markets RAW ECN account is also offered with both the MT4 and MT5 and with leverage up to 500:1 – also, subject to the contracting entity.

Rollover rates

VT Markets swap rates, as of 24-01-2023, for 1 lot EUR/USD (100,000 units) are -1.04 points for holding a long 1 lot position overnight and +0.33 points for holding a short 1 lot position.

VT Markets charges a 3-day swap rate on Wednesdays, at midnight server time (GMT+2).

VT Markets Deposits / Withdrawals

VT Markets proposes two distinct trading accounts, with a highlight for the RAW ECN account (in our opinion the best choice, for its competitive pricing) and in several base currencies. VT Markets also provides multiple funding methods, including the most popular e-wallets and a couple of cryptos:

Account currencies: AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP and USD.

Standard STP and RAW ECN account minimum deposit: 100 USD.

Funding methods: Bank Transfer, Credit Card, Cryptos (USDT & Bitcoin), Neteller, Skrill, UnionPay, Fasapay, VN local bank, TH local bank, MY local bank. Please note that funding methods availability is subject to jurisdiction.

Deposit fees: VT Markets does not charge fees for deposits. However, payments from international banking institutions may attract intermediary transfer fees and/or conversion fees. VT Markets does not cover such fees.

Deposit processing times: from instant to 10 minutes (bank wires up to 3 working days).

Withdrawal fees: VT Markets does not charge fees for withdrawals. However, withdrawals to banking institutions may be subject to bank fees from any intermediary bank involved in the transaction and may attract a receiving fee from your bank/institution.

Withdrawal processing times: variable, from instant to 1 business day.

Inactivity fee: VT Markets does not charge an inactivity fee or any account maintenance fees.

For more information, please visit the VT Markets deposit & withdrawal policy web page, or log in to your VT Markets Client Portal.

VT Markets ترافیک وب

بازدیدهای ماهانه ارگانیک 489,650 (100 %)
رتبه ترافیک ارگانیک 51 از 1128 (کارگزاران فارکس)
بازدیدهای پرداختی ماهانه 0 (0 %)
مجموع بازدیدهای ماهانه 489,650
نرخ پرش 69 %
صفحات در هر بازدید 2/16
میانگین مدت نمایش 00:03:12.6190000

VT Markets Popularity

We base our popularity ranking on the Web Traffic metrics and analyse the organic monthly traffic received by VT Markets, including the average visit time. VT Markets's popularity is steadily increasing with the retail trading community, also because of its many features:

Client safety mechanisms: segregated client money, professional indemnity insurance and negative balance protection.

Competitive pricing: spreads from 0.0 pip on the RAW ECN account, industry-average trading commissions of $6 per traded lot, and zero fees on deposits/withdrawals.

Execution model: STP/ECN/NDD.

Trading education: Protrader tools, market news, market analysis, trading strategies, and trading tools including forex calculators.

Customer support languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Malay, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese.

Overall, the excellent range of financial assets available for trading, the competitive pricing and fast executions of the RAW ECN account, good retail client protection mechanisms, merged with the 0 fees for deposits/withdrawals, position VT Markets in the top 10 brokers with traders opening a trading account in 2024.

Review sources

With over 10 years of industry presence, we are a leading IB broker of forex and CFDs trading accounts to almost all of the world's top brokers. One of our primary missions is also to help the trading community make informed decisions, by publishing accurate and unbiased content, supported mainly by primary sources.

These sources may include government data, the information supplied by the broker and data available on the broker's corporate website(s), the analysis and reviews of our in-house industry experts, and the feedback provided by the broker’s verified traders with a live account. The information on this VT Markets review page was also sourced from:

Australian Securities and Investments Commission website, VT Global Pty Ltd, company details page.

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VT Markets global website, Deposit/Withdrawal Policy, deposit/withdrawal methods and fees page.

VT Markets global website, Help Centre, frequently asked questions page.

FXverify website, VT Markets user reviews by verified traders with a live account, reviews page

Risk Warning: CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

VT Markets رتبه‌بندی کاربر


بررسی VT Markets توسط مشتریان تأیید شده، تخفیف‌های نقدی، رتبه‌بندی کارشناسان، اسپرد و کارمزد، اهرم، حسابهای آزمایشی، دانلود، پلتفرمهای معاملاتی و موارد دیگر.

لطفاً مطمئن شوید که دیدگاه‌های شما مرتبط است و چیزی را تبلیغ نمی‌کند. دیدگاههای نامرتبط، از جمله پیوندهای نامناسب یا تبلیغاتی و دیدگاههایی که حاوی ادبیات توهین‌آمیز، فحش، سوء استفاده، تهدیدآمیز یا خشونت‌آمیز هستند یا دارای حملات شخصی به هر نوع باشند، حذف خواهد شد.

VT Markets تخفیفات فارکس

ریبیت‌های استرداد وجه به ازای هر پوزیشن بسته پرداخت می‌شود، مگر اینکه به شکل دیگری مشخص شده باشد. 1 لات = معامله 100,000 واحد ارز پایه.
  Standard STP Raw ECN
فارکس0/48 پیپ1/20$ به ازای هر لات
آیندگان0/60$ به ازای هر لات
نفت / انرژی‌ها1/02 پیپ1/20$ به ازای هر لات
فلزاتGold/Silver - 1/02$ به ازای هر لاتGold/Silver - 1/20$ به ازای هر لات
سهام / حقوق صاحبان سهامUS/HK Shares - 9/00$ به ازای هر لات به ازای هر 1 میلیون حجم معامله
شاخص‌ها0/30$ به ازای هر لات
Nikkei225 - 0/006$ به ازای هر لات
ارزهای رمزپایه48/00$ به ازای هر لات به ازای هر 1 میلیون حجم معامله
گزینه‌های پرداخت
استرداد ماهانه
پرداختها در روز دوازدهم (12) ماه برای معاملاتی که بازپرداخت آنها از نخستین تا آخرین روز ماه قبل جمع شده است، تأمین و به صورت خودکار ارسال می‌شود.
  Standard STP
فارکس پیپ 0/48
آیندگان به ازای هر لات 0/60$
نفت / انرژی‌ها پیپ 1/02
فلزات به ازای هر لات 1/02$ - Gold/Silver
سهام / حقوق صاحبان سهام به ازای هر 1 میلیون حجم معامله به ازای هر لات 9/00$ - US/HK Shares
شاخص‌ها به ازای هر لات 0/006$ - 
Nikkei225به ازای هر لات 0/30$
ارزهای رمزپایه به ازای هر 1 میلیون حجم معامله به ازای هر لات 48/00$
گزینه‌های پرداخت
استرداد ماهانه
پرداختها در روز دوازدهم (12) ماه برای معاملاتی که بازپرداخت آنها از نخستین تا آخرین روز ماه قبل جمع شده است، تأمین و به صورت خودکار ارسال می‌شود.
  Raw ECN
فارکس به ازای هر لات 1/20$
آیندگان به ازای هر لات 0/60$
نفت / انرژی‌ها به ازای هر لات 1/20$
فلزات به ازای هر لات 1/20$ - Gold/Silver
سهام / حقوق صاحبان سهام به ازای هر 1 میلیون حجم معامله به ازای هر لات 9/00$ - US/HK Shares
شاخص‌ها به ازای هر لات 0/006$ - 
Nikkei225به ازای هر لات 0/30$
ارزهای رمزپایه به ازای هر 1 میلیون حجم معامله به ازای هر لات 48/00$
گزینه‌های پرداخت
استرداد ماهانه
پرداختها در روز دوازدهم (12) ماه برای معاملاتی که بازپرداخت آنها از نخستین تا آخرین روز ماه قبل جمع شده است، تأمین و به صورت خودکار ارسال می‌شود.


  • Rebates are not paid for trading on bonus funds.

تخفیفات VT Markets چیست؟

تخفیفات فارکس بخشی از هزینه معامله است که در هر معامله به مشتری پرداخت می‌شود، منجر به یک اسپرد پایین و نرخ برد بیشتر می‌شود. برای مثال، اگر تخفیف شما ۱ pip و اسپرد ۳ pip هست، پس اسپرد خالص شما تنها ۲ pip است.

بسیاری از معامله‌گران در ابتدا بر این باورند که برای جبران حتماً هزینه‌های بالاتری در جای دیگر وجود دارد، با این حال به زودی متوجه می‌شوند که هیچ گونه نیرنگی وجود ندارد و تخفیفات فارکس واقعاً هزینه‌های معاملات را کاهش و درآمد نهاییشان را افزایش می‌دهد.

تخفیفات VT Markets چگونه کار می‌کند؟

هنگامی که شما یک حساب معاملاتی فارکس جدید یا از پیش موجود را به ما پیوند می‌دهید، کارگزار بخشی از اسپردشان یا سود کمیسیون را بابت هر معامله‌ای که شما انجام می‌دهید، به‌عنوان پاداش برای ارجاع یک مشتری به تیم، به ما پرداخت می‌کند. سپس ما بیشتر درآمد خود را با شما به اشتراک می‌گذاریم و برای هر معامله‌ای که انجام دهید، یک تخفیف نقدی بابت تشکر برای کار با ما پرداخت می‌کنیم.

بر خلاف برخی از رقبایمان، اسپرد هیچگاه در نتیجه استفاده از خدمات ما افزایش نمی‌یابد! تنها تفاوت این است: هر چه مشتری ما در هر معامله پول نقد اضافی کسب کند، معامله از طریق ما سود بیشتری نسبت به کار مستقیم با کارگزار دارد. با تأسیس در سال ۲۰۰۷، ما ارائه‌دهنده اصلی و پیشرو تخفیفات فارکس هستیم. ما به بیش از ۱۰۰ هزار حساب تخفیف پرداخت می‌کنیم و معامله‌گران دوست‌دار چت زنده‌ی ۲۴ ساعته و پیشتیبانی تلفنی و ایمیلی ما هستند.

محاسبه استرداد وجه خود

باید یک عدد معتبر وارد کنید

آیا اسپردها و کارمزدهای بیشتری به حساب من گذاشته می‌شود؟

هرگز! اگر شک دارید، پیشنهاد می‌کنیم مستقیماً تأیید کارگزار را بگیرید.

آیا در معاملات زیان‌ده هم وجهی به من استرداد می‌شود؟


VT Markets مقررات / حفاظت از پول

شرکت مجوزها و مقررات پول مشتری تفکیک شده صندوق جبران سپرده حفاظت از تعادل منفی تخفیف‌ها حداکثر اهرم برای مشتریان خرده فروشی
VT Global Pty Ltd 30 : 1
VT Markets (Pty) Ltd 500 : 1
VT Markets LLC
سنت وینسنت و گرنادین ها
500 : 1

VT Markets Australia’s ASIC regulation: VT Global Pty Ltd is a company registered in Australia, with ABN 69 623 509 731, and regulated by Australia’s ASIC with ACN number 623 509 731 and AFSL license number 516246.

VT Markets South Africa’s FSCA regulation: VT Markets (Pty) Ltd is a financial services company registered in South Africa, authorised and regulated by South Africa’s Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) with license number 50865.

VT Markets SVGA registration: VT Markets LLC is a company incorporated and registered with number 673 LLC 2020 in Saint Vincent & The Grenadines, and operating as an International Business Company.

Client Money Protection

VT Markets complies with the highest safety standards regarding clients' funds, by offering segregated accounts with any of its group entities. VT Markets clients’ funds are kept fully segregated from the company's funds, in top-tier international banks, such as the NAB.

Regulatory Deposit Insurance

Currently, none of the VT Markets Group entities offers regulatory deposit insurance overseen by a financial regulator. This means there's no active mechanism to secure or mediate customers' claims, arising from the broker's failure to meet its financial obligations to clients.

Negative Balance Protection

Retail accounts opened with any VT Markets group entity, are protected by a default Negative Balance Protection mechanism, to prevent negative balances. With the NBP mechanism, VT Markets clients are protected from any losses bigger than their original investments, in the event of extreme market volatility.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

VT Markets offers an extra layer of protection for its clients with an indemnity insurance policy. This policy protects clients against claims arising from possible negligence or failure to perform that result in a client’s financial loss or legal entanglement.

In response to a client who suffers a loss can files a civil claim, the professional’s indemnity insurance will pay litigation costs as well as any damages awarded by the court.

VT Markets پیشنهادات ویژه

VT Markets FAQs

Is VT Markets a regulated retail forex broker?

Yes, VT Markets is a regulated forex broker. The broker is regulated in Australia by ASIC and in South Africa by FSCA.

What is VT Markets' minimum deposit?

VT Markets' minimum deposit, for the Standard STP and RAW ECN accounts, is 100 USD.

What is VT Markets' maximum forex leverage?

VT Markets' maximum forex leverage ratio is 500:1 for accounts opened with the entity regulated by South Africa’s FSCA and the entity registered in Saint Vincent & The Grenadines. For accounts opened with the entity regulated by Australia’s ASIC is 30:1.

Can I earn rebates with VT Markets?

Yes, traders can earn rebates from trading with VT Markets. Please check the cashback rebates section.

Which funding methods are accepted by VT Markets?

VT Markets accepts account deposits with bank wire, local bank (TH, VN & MY), credit & debit cards, and multiple e-wallets: Neteller, Skrill, UnionPay, and Fasapay. VT Markets also accepts account funding with 2 popular cryptos, BTC and USDT. Please note that funding methods availability is subject to jurisdiction.

Which account currencies are available with VT Markets?

Traders can open a VT Markets trading account in USD, EUR, GBP, CAD and AUD.

Which trading platforms are available with VT Markets?

Investors can trade the markets via VT Markets’ MT4 and MT5. Traders can also trade the markets with the VT Markets app (available only for mobile devices).

Does VT Markets offer Cent accounts?

Yes, VT Markets does offer Cent accounts on request.

Does VT Markets have negative balance protection?

Yes, VT Markets offers a default NBP mechanism for retail traders opening an account with any of the group entities.

Does VT Markets have regulatory deposit insurance?

No, VT Markets does not offer regulatory deposit insurance covering retail traders, as it is not a requirement from the financial regulators where VT Markets holds licenses.

Does VT Markets have swap-free accounts for traders of Islamic belief?

Yes, VT Markets offers swap-free accounts for traders of the Islamic religion.

Does VT Markets accept applications from residents in Japan?

Yes, VT Markets accepts applications from residents in Japan.

Does VT Markets accept applications from residents in Canada?

Yes, VT Markets accepts applications from residents in Canada.

Does VT Markets allow scalping trading?

Yes, VT Markets allows scalping trading with any of the group entities. Hedging and EAs are also allowed.

What is the VT Markets' order execution model?

VT Markets’ order execution model is NDD (Non-dealing desk), STP/ECN.

Does VT Markets have mobile trading platforms?

Yes, VT Markets MT4 and MT5 trading platforms and VT Markets app are available for mobile devices running on iOS and Android systems.

Does VT Markets have a trading API?

Yes, VT Markets publishes a trading API.

Does VT Markets pay interest on margin?

No, VT Markets does not pay any interest on margin.

What type of spreads are VT Markets' spreads?

VT Markets’ spreads are variable only (from 0.0 pip), the broker does not offer fixed spread accounts.